Monday, August 17

Become a Volunteer

- Compost Happens, You Can Help -

There are several ways you can help become a part of our community and campus composting project. You can help out our project as is, or you can help us expand it. Either way, contact us at or attend an Ecology and Conservation Biology Club meeting.

If you live on campus or near one of our participating community shops, you can sign up to carry grounds from a shop to a pile. This can be as little as once a week from one shop (only 30 minutes per week!) or as much as a daily collection from one or more shops (still less than 3 or 4 hours a week). Contact us with your intended contribution to get started. You can also sign up to be a rider, but these positions are currently few.
Contact us at

Better yet, you can help us expand our reach by volunteering to pick up from a seller we don't currently collect from. If you live near or work at one of these sellers and would like to help out, let us know which one it is and we'll work with you to figure out the easiest way to incorporate them. Check the list of contributing sellers to get started. The only thing stopping us from collecting from more locations is the magnitude of our volunteer force.
Contact us at

If you can't spare the time to carry and collect grounds, there are more ways to help. If you have a pickup and would like to offer your services, we would gladly work with you to coordinate a haul. Don't worry, we don't get coffee grinds in every crevice of your car. things stay decently clean becasue the grounds are pretty dry when we haul them.
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We also would love the help of individuals and organizations in advertising and publicizing our project. If you are a wizard of design for fliers, websites, or brochures, we would be grateful of your help in spreading the word about MoCoPro and community/campus composting. If you havn't guessed it already,
contact us at

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