Thursday, April 15

Our Volunteers

MoCoPro is a volunteer collective. Thus, the folks listed here as well as others have been, and will be, the essential backbone of MoCoPro. Their tireless efforts and endless dedication have combined with their superb intellect and dependability to create the unstoppable momentum taking the country by storm, in the revolution.......NOT. Let's be serious. These are simply good enlightened folks graciously giving a small chunk of time each week to make compost happen at a small local scale. To them, give admiration; for they have invested in our community.

Current Volunteers

Christina has volunteered with us for one year. She loves the smell of coffee grounds and is glad to be a part of a blooming, environmentally sustainable project.

Rebecca is following the motto, ‘Compost happens, and you can help!’. “It's pretty awesome this ‘waste’ can bring so much new life!”

This figure has been seen riding the compostcycle every week for three semesters, but has chosen to keep its identity a mystery. Although frightening, this creature is truly benevolent.

Melissa has volunteered with MoCoPro since the fall of 2009. She loves sunshine and doing cool things to increase sustainability, which is why she likes compost made from coffee so much.

Amber has volunteered for two years, and considers bucket hauling to be a form of weightlifting that deserves a spot in the Olympics. It's a small sacrifice for the larger picture.

Caelan is a freshman in the conservation social science department and volunteers because she can enjoy her coffee and then compost the remains; a win-win combo! She is also a fan of worms....although she thinks they probably prefer banana peels and apple cores to coffee grounds. Fruit-shmuit.

Owen is often approached on the street by strangers who say “You’re the compost dude, right?” “Ding dong”, he says.

He has been involved since 2008, and thinks compost is an essential substance of the afterlife. Sometimes while riding his route on cold snowy days, he sticks his numb hands into the heated innards of the sacred motherpile, and angels sing.

Brianna had the good fortune to be one of the lucky ones whom the original coffee trailer broke on while it was brimming with a ton and a half of moist, steaming coffee grounds. While she doesn't enjoy consuming coffee, a new found love of hers is comprised of a delightful combination of steamed, lactose-free milk and yerba as -- and the world will know it -- the soy mate latte.

Caleb is saving coffee pot at a time.

Kate has been hauling heaping buckets of compost since the fall of 2009. She plans on saving the world, and helping with MoCoPro is her first step in dominating the world with peace and earth friendliness.

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